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I’m going to use this website for a few different things. I’m trying to waste less time lately, and while it’s arguable that posting on this website is a waste of time, it seems like a little bit less of a waste of time than refreshing another time sink website.

So, as I stated above, I want to use this website for a few different things:

Writing. I need to do it more often. Whether it’s my latest thoughts on some show I’m binge watching that no one cares about, or whether I want to put some fiction out and see how it’s perceived and get some feedback (constructive or otherwise). I also have thoughts on current events that I’m positive no one wants to read about, so what better place to put them than on a website which no one would read? Bam.

Coding. I’m in the process of getting my third degree, which is an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. I’m not great at coding. I don’t pretend to be great at it, either. But, I have a couple of projects in mind, and I’d like to post about them and just kind of get my thoughts out … maybe some rubber duck debugging type posts.

Is that all? It might be. If I think of another reason – I swear there were three (maybe the third is a Memento-style series of hints placed strategically around the site that might possibly lead me to why I thought it was a good idea to set this site up in the first place) – then I’ll post it here.


in the meantime, enjoy a picture of my dog: